SUP YO was founded by Jana Olenio, yoga instructor, travel agent and NH native, and was created from pure passion for nature and outdoor adventure. SUP YO was originally formed in 2011 as a paddleboard yoga company that over time evolved into many other outdoor adventure offerings from day hikes to weeklong worldwide adventure trips.

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Hiking in the winter time can be just as enjoyable (if not more so!) than in the other 3 seasons: less crowded, no bugs, super peaceful and gentler on your joints. Being prepared is key to making the most of your outdoor experience in winter, and staying SAFE. Join us via RECORDED zoom to learn about the necessary gear, clothing and layering, proper safety protocols and other essentials to ensure the best possible outdoor winter adventures! You will also receive a hard copy document via email recapping everything

Your All-in-One Outdoor Adventures Company Explore Outside With Us Today! Exploring the great outdoors is a great way to connect not only with nature, but also with other like-minded individuals. And, in the midst of every adventure, you can learn more and more about yourself. At SUP YO Adventures, we’re passionate about helping people connect with one another through the fun and excitement of outdoor adventure. Keep reading to learn more about why you should explore the great outdoors with us. Discover Your True Self Outside in Nature Every outdoor adventure on

A Letter to our SUP YO Community:We are SO thankful for each and every single one of you. Really and truly. This has been the most unusual and uncertain summer that we have ever known, but it has also provided an opportunity to be more creative, more understanding, more patient, and it's definitely forced ALL OF US to get outside more. I have never seen the outdoors so FULL of LIFE as I have this summer, and this is  good thing! People are connecting with nature and each

UPDATE: 1/12/2023 ALL activities, events and retreats are operating at full capacity.   For all outdoor Excursions including Paddleboard Yoga classes, Paddles, Hikes and Kids Classes: No special covid testing requirement is necessary and no special covid refund will be issued moving forward.  Should you need to cancel due to feeling ill, a credit will be issued to be used at a later date. Please alert us within 48 hours of an event to receive your credit.  For all Multi Day Excursions & Retreats: The SUP YO COVID-19 policy states that with a

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