SUP YO was founded by Jana Olenio, yoga instructor, travel agent and NH native, and was created from pure passion for nature and outdoor adventure. SUP YO was originally formed in 2011 as a paddleboard yoga company that over time evolved into many other outdoor adventure offerings from day hikes to weeklong worldwide adventure trips.

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SUP YO Adventures

Explore MORE Rewards Program

Sign up for our Explore MORE Rewards program TODAY and begin earning rewards all year long on your outdoor activities! The more you adventure with us, the more you earn! Here’s how it works:

Your exclusive member benefits include:

-Over 290+ outdoor adventures annually to choose from (and growing!) including sup yoga, paddleboarding, hiking excursions, wilderness retreats, adventure travel, kids sup classes, virtual classes + more

-Earn 5% back in rewards each time you reach an Explore MORE Milestone with us!

+PLUS, Receive:10% off apparel

-First dibs on bookings

-Members only Facebook Portal

-Members only exclusive events

-FREE registration on select virtual classes & workshops

SUP YO Adventures Explore MORE members are people like YOU. We paddle, yoga, hike, camp, ski, snowshoe, travel and t h r i v e in the outdoors, year-round. We love to connect with the earth as much as we do like-minded people. We love all things outdoor adventure! If you are already adventuring with us frequently throughout the year, on the water, the trail, on wilderness retreats or traveling abroad, OR if you are planning to in the future – this program is perfect for you!

So…..How will you benefit with our rewards program? Our milestone program is set up so that the more you get outside and explore with us, the more you earn in rewards. All rewards are automatically generated for you at the end of each month, so it takes all the guesswork out of it for you. At the end of each month, if you have earned a reward, you will receive an email with such reward to use towards a future booking. Rewards are valid for one year from date of issue and can be used towards future activities:

Explore MORE Milestone Rewards:

Reach $250 = $12.50 reward
Reach $500 = $25.00 reward
Reach $1,000 = $50.00 reward
Reach $2,000 = $100 reward
Reach $3,500 = $175 reward
Reach $5,000+ = $250 reward

The Annual Membership fee to join is just $30/year (that’s just $2.50/month) and is one time fee, valid for 1 year from date of issue.

Join other Members and start benefiting today! Get outdoors. Challenge yourself. Meet new people. Reach new heights. Explore MORE!

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Terms: Applicant must register as a “member” to qualify for the SUP YO Adventures Explore MORE rewards program. Participants must hold a membership status to continue to earn rewards. Membership must be paid in full by credit card at time of registration, is non refundable and valid for one year from date of issue. Rewards may not be combined with gift certificates or other discount offers. Rewards may be combined with other rewards. While the Program is in operation, your participation in the Program will be renewed automatically each year, unless you notify us of cancellation. Rewards are processed on a monthly basis and are non transferrable and have no cash value. If your membership is cancelled for any reason, either by you or SUP YO, your membership in the program will be terminated and the total balance of your accumulated reward earnings not yet issued will be forfeited. Rewards are valid for your bookings only, not for friends or family members that you make reservations for under your name/reservation. Therefore, we encourage your friends to register for their own rewards program and start earning rewards today!


  1. If you are booking for a friend, rewards members only earn rewards for their own bookings, not friends and family. You can still book a friend on the same reservation as you but you won’t earn rewards for their reservation.
  2. There is no code that you have to enter as a rewards member, the fact that you ARE a rewards member is all that matters. At the end of each month, the software calculate the rewards and you will receive an email with any rewards earned and a coupon to use for FUTURE bookings.
  3. If you pay off line for an event anytime after the month it was purchased, it will not qualify for rewards. Here is why: The system calculates the $ spent each month, in that month, and rewards are issued accordingly. If an event was purchased but not yet paid for, it will not qualify for rewards in that month or any month that follows. The rewards only get calculated on said event that is paid at time of booking. For example: A. Sally purchases an event in March but prefers to pay offline in April. Sally will not earn rewards for this purchase. B. Sally purchases an event in March but prefers to pay offline and makes that payment in full in March. Sally’s purchase qualifies for rewards. I wish we had another way, but this is the only way the software works. So, if you do pay by check or venmo, as long as the check is received in the same month as the event was purchased, rewards will be issued. If the payment is made outside of the same month the event was purchased, rewards will not be issued.

The cost of membership is a one time fee of just $30/year.

Any questions regarding our SUP YO Adventures Explore MORE Rewards program, please contact us at look forward to meeting you outside!


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