SUP YO was founded by Jana Olenio, yoga instructor, travel agent and NH native, and was created from pure passion for nature and outdoor adventure. SUP YO was originally formed in 2011 as a paddleboard yoga company that over time evolved into many other outdoor adventure offerings from day hikes to weeklong worldwide adventure trips.

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Jana Olenio

Jana Olenio

Jana Olenio is the Owner and Founder of SUP YO Adventures. Jana began practicing yoga in 2004 with the hope to reduce stress and anxiety. She began teaching yoga in 2009 after yoga positively transformed and healed her life far beyond her expectations. Her goal since then has been to help others heal themselves by bringing the gift of yoga into the lives of each student.

In 2012, Jana took her yoga practice to the water and became a certified Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Teacher. She started SUP YO in May 2012 in the Boston area where she teaches students how to practice yoga on a paddleboard. The combination of yoga in nature along with the added fitness challenge makes paddleboard the perfect place to practice as it increases focus and concentration, increases balance and core strength and connects one with nature.

During the off-season, Jana continues to inspire others to get outside by leading day hikes in the white mountains, weekend retreats throughout New England and destination retreats worldwide, all of which combine yoga with outdoor activities. Jana believes that no one can pour from an empty cup and that self care is a requirement, not a necessity. She believes that combining yoga with the outdoors is an important tool that can help people gain clarity, refocus their energy and become grounded & inspired so they can return to their daily lives with a full cup and pour from it.

Instructor Credentials:

  • Registered Yoga Teacher – 500 hours
  • Certified Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Teacher – 30 hours
  • Vinyasa Teacher Training with Seane Corn- 30 hours
  • Paddle Fit Core Certified
  • Wilderness First Aid & CPR
  • Certified Balanced Athlete (Level I)
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